• Reign of Kings Rules

  • Server and Forum rules can be found here, each server will have it's own rules so please make sure you read them before playing.
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ARK PvE/SoTF and Life is Feudal should now be online after hardware replacement
 #206  by DrunkMunki
 Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:42 am
The Rules of Conduct are guidelines that apply to conduct and behaviour on the Gaming Alliance website and server. We appreciate you taking the time to review them as their purpose is to ensure that, together, we provide a safe, fair and fun environment for all players.

On the no structure damage server, no T3 and above structure can be build on the bridge as they cannot be damaged.

King's Castle Rules
  • No beds anywhere in the castle, or on/near the bridge (50 blocks distance).
  • All gates must have a door and can not be an unreasonable thickness (6+ blocks).
  • No placing crests in awkward locations, they must be easily accessible to allow the castle to change control.
  • Barricading the Kings Keep is forbidden.
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Building Rules
  • No floating/unstable buildings. Keep things reasonable and semi-realistic.
  • No blocking off resource nodes to monopolise them.
  • Don't leave floating items/blocks.
  • Do not kill sleepers immediately after restart, give people a chance to log back in. (you can kill them when in their house)
  • You may break into people's houses in order to steal items, but you can not place your own crest with the intent to collect the house's blocks
  • Don't destroy crests which are placed inside homes. Destroying a crest which is placed on the King's bridge is OK!
  • Destruction by means of collateral damage (such as using a trebuchet) is considered acceptable usage of game mechanics, and is therefore acceptable in both cases.
  • As the server is for casual players, raiding is limited to 4pm-9pm (NSW) daily. use /checkwartime to see if raiding is enabled.
  • Avoid flaming/insulting people. We don't need/want a toxic community. This is a place for cool people to have a fun time.
  • Be respectful to others on the server -- personal insults or attacks is strictly prohibited!
  • If you have a problem with someone else, handle it off the server instead of having an open argument in chat.
  • There are no height or width restrictions but please keep it within your crest space so others know where your work ends.
  • Please realise that audio in game can be buggy. Try to be accommodating to others that are working out audio issues.
  • If you wish to report a player, type /report Username. This will open a text box which will let you type a comment and report the player, alternatively use this forum.
These rules may be updated without notification. It is your responsibility to check this page regularly.