• Server Admin Rules

  • Server and Forum rules can be found here, each server will have it's own rules so please make sure you read them before playing.
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 #129  by DrunkMunki
 Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:09 pm
The primary goal of this website/community is to have a safe environment for playing games.

If you wish to administer the servers you will need to follow the below rules, or risk being removed from the privilege and banned from all servers due to admin abuse (most unforgivable rule to break).

Server admins have the most demanding job, but also need to carry out their job with dignity and compassion, its up to the server admin to dish out the justice they deem fit, but if any player feels they have been unjustly banned, they can raise a support request (proof WILL be required), the Founder will investigate and contact the complainant and then it will be discussed with the SA separately.

Server Admins are required to NOT play on the server they manage, this limits any potential abuse or temptation.

They are allowed to spawn in items or creatures they deem fit, as compensation or challenges, but must NOT use these items/creatures to interfere with game play.

A Server Admins request is law, if they demand something, the player must accommodate it (within reason, if you feel it steps outside the boundary of their authority, contact DrunkMunki)

Server Admins have the power and right to kick/ban any player they deem fit, its best to be respectful and comply with any wish they may have, as their sole purpose of being in game is to provide stability and support to the server and its players.

If a Server Admin needs to talk to a player, its best done through in game VoIP/ local chat or through the official Discord.

Server Admins need to try and communicate any issues they may have with a player before banning, unless the player is causing excessive damage/disruption to the server.

Guides on what to ban, and how long.. and repeal process is listed under the "GA Staff" forum, this must be followed to ensure fairness is provided to all players (updated regularly).

Server Admins are NEVER allowed to give other users access to the server, and all applications for access must go through the Founder.

Server Admins can organise events, but must be publicly announced on the forums and in game, any restrictions to game play (limiting certain areas during evennt...) must be communicated .. if the area the admin wants to use is already occupied, the admin must discuss with the player, but if player refuses... Server Admin will need to find a new location.

If there are several Admins assigned to a server, please limit to a max of 2 admins on (would prefer only 1 admin to limit confusion and double handling of issues)

If there are several admins, and you wish to organise events, its up to you to discuss with the other admins on their role in the event or if you need to limit access...
All requests need to be done through the "GA Staff" forum for visibility.

Players Rights:
Players have the right to contest/challenge a request by Server Admin if they feel its abuse of power or may significantly affect game play.

Players must report abuse by submitting a support ticket in the support area of the forum.

Evidence of Server Admin abuse must be provided on ANY report, otherwise it will be closed.