• Empyrion - Galactic Survival Rules

  • Server and Forum rules can be found here, each server will have it's own rules so please make sure you read them before playing.
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ARK PvE/SoTF and Life is Feudal should now be online after hardware replacement
 #303  by DrunkMunki
 Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:58 pm
  1. Don't use bad (e.g.) vulgar words in your structures on in game chat.
  2. Do not grief players (PvP and PvE worlds). This can mean ammo draining, Offline Protection abusements, warp camping. If you are not sure what all of this means ask the admins before.
  3. You are not allowed to build structures inside asteroids to use them as "detectors" (with the warning system of EAH). Structures built that way will be removed without warnings.
  4. Once you have left Alanor/Elia/Goa starter planets, you are NOT allowed to return, these planets are reserved for new players.
  5. Remember this server is for casual players ONLY, if you wish for hardcore PvP or base building please look elsewhere.
  6. Starter planets are wiped on a 3 week rotating basis, players who are close to this wipe schedule and who havent got to a point where they can venture off can jump starter planets for 1 wipe cycle ONLY
  7. Players are not permitted to take over POI's on ANY planet, but are allowed to attack, loot and demolish such POI's.
How to report:

If you find anyone breaking a rule you have you have to make screenshots and / or a video of it and give a full context / details.
- provide the location name of violation (world, asteroid...)
- Your in-game name / faction tag
- Offending name of tribe / player
- detailed description of offense

Message DrunkMunki on discord, or PM me on this forum

if needed your location/structure id (type "di" in console to get them)