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ARK PvE/SoTF and Life is Feudal should now be online after hardware replacement
 #275  by DrunkMunki
 Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:02 am
It's interesting how the concept of a continuous PvP server eludes some so here is an explanation.

If you join a low pop server, something with up to around 8-10 players, then you should take into consideration your actions so that you want the time on the server to be enjoyable and want the community to continue playing and expanding.

There are actions that discourage a person from returning. Examples include destroying bases, especially complex bases that have taken a lot of time to build, or repetitive killing which has no real purpose other then to minimise the person's health total and prevent them from playing.

Just consider whether your action is discouraging the other player to return to the server. There is skill in killing another equally strength player, there isn't skill in hunting new players/ killing defenseless players/ destroying bases.'

At the end of the day, the point of PvP is; To attack players and raid bases ... not demolish them, by removing their base from the game, you remove them from the server, reducing the player base and making it boring.