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Steam Giveaways

PostPosted:Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:05 pm
by DrunkMunki
I have decided when we hit 1,000 members in discord, there will be giveaways on Sat and Sun (games and $10 steam gift cards) all coming out of MY pocket (not from donations), note these giveaways will be limited to "Active Member" roles to prevent spammers... so get chatting, introduce yourself .. when you get to level 1 you will become an "Active Member"

To find your level type !rank in any channel in discord.

Please read the rules below:
Giveaways are restricted to Active Members Role only

If you WON, You must message DrunkMunki within 24hrs to claim the prize from the moment it was drawn, otherwise it will be re-rolled once.
if after second re-roll and isn't claimed, the giveaway is nulled and prize is put back into the prize pool

Each user is limited to claim 1 steam gift card per month of the same value.

Each user is limited to claim up to 2 games per month.

Anyone found cheating the system will be banned from this community (for example, creating multiple discord accounts to win prizes).

DrunkMunki has final say on all matters