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while we did pay for the hardware, covering on-going costs helps alleviate the financial strain on Drunk Munki.
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Gaming Alliance is not run for profit and all contributions goes towards this community.

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 #36  by DrunkMunki
 Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:09 pm
I am Drunk Munki; Founder, Developer and Server Admin.

Gaming Alliance Australia was created for the community, we are a collection of Gamers and Server Admins who seek the same goal, a secure, safe environment for all to play.

Our main mission is to be a singular source of servers for the game community in which strict policies and ethics are followed to allow people to enjoy the game the developers intended, instead of being harassed.

To be part of this community you either need to register on the forums or provide a server for our community to play on, either way we're all here to have fun.