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 #816  by Havock06
 Mon Jan 27, 2020 2:53 am
Hi all, Havock06 (Shaun) from Nh USA here. I joined one of ( if there are more) arma exile serves last night my time. I haven’t played in about 3 years so I’m still working on basic controls again (like talking in open chat... can’t remember how !!)
Anyway i bring with my my brother ( shin kicker ) and good friend (tron). Shin played back when I played Ana tron is 100% new when you see him.
We ran a server back then but see you all have a similar set up so we think it may be enjoyable with you all! We are 100% non griefers who like misting pve and the occasional pvp (we know it’s a pvp server, so we won’t bitch or make a scene when you all roll us! Haha)
Anyway because of the nature of the game I wanted to check in and let you know who we are and how we just want to enjoy the game with you all.

Side note I say a pvp kill yesterday and the dead person responded with “ns”. That’s a pretty awesome attitude that’s fairly rare it seems, so that really solidified my interest in your serve!

See you out there!


I’ll jump on discord at some point too. Time is fairly limited between kids and wife.