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Server Info + Stats (Extended Map) 18/Jan/2020

PostPosted:Sun Sep 01, 2019 9:08 pm
by DrunkMunki
Free Port / Spawn Point Server:

Server Name: GamingAlliance.Net|4x3|6x|PvP|SmallTribes
Each server (there are 12 servers) are limited to 35 players.

Mods: Unlock Powerstones, Market NPCs & Regenerating Ships

  • 6x Gathering
  • 6x XP
  • 6x Taming/Breeding
  • Mode: PvP
  • PvP Window: 3hrs
  • Tribes: Limited to 6 players per tribe (no alliances)
  • 2 Freeports on A2/C4 (no pvp on freeport)
  • Freeport has no XP limitations
  • Player Food/Water Drain: 50%
  • Structure Pickup Time: 60s
  • Tribe Name Change Limit: 15 days (so make it count)
  • No building bases on freeport
  • Note: ships can be sunk at freeport (within reason, no griefing) so be weary of others.
  • Total Skill Points: 1290
  • Max Level: 151
  • Unlimited respec
  • Wiped: 15/Oct/2019

NOTICE: Just to be CLEAR, there is no building on the freeport island (A2/C4), this island is designed for new players and people to buy NPC's/trading, make a boat and LEAVE... i dont want to see people making small bases or large ships (Galleons).. with cannons and such... and PLEASE remove your docks when done!
You CAN use the island for resources, but remember you still have a long trip to get it home.
Players bodies and structures will be randomly removed if found.

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Re: Server Info + Stats (Extended Map) 18/Jan/2020

PostPosted:Sat Jan 18, 2020 10:29 am
by DrunkMunki
Ship Routes (respawn every 6hrs)
ShipPaths.jpg (254.55 KiB) Viewed 4586 times